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My dad always said: Just remember, your not dead yet and you never know what you will do or what will happen in your life!
To all my 1968 classmates: Thanks to someone posting my 40 year reunion picture, a beautiful 38 year old lady was able to find me after years of searching for me. She suprised me with a facebook coment: Hi! I am Maribeth Mack & I am your daughter! For 22 years, I thought that I was the only one in my family still alive & now I have a complete extended family with two people calling me "Grand Dad" & living in South Carolina. I know that we are all getting older but I'm still not sure I am ready for tne conotation that comes with the "Grand" part! I thought that I might pass out cigars at the news of having a daughter but it is - 38 years late & I don't smoke! I hope that each one of you has the opportunity to experience such joy as I have, many times in your life ahead as we all are in or approaching grand father/Mother status! Some say life begins @ 40 but for me, I have been reborn @ 60. It past time to create new experiences & revisit old relationships. If any one wishes to contact me, try: ( May all of you continue to be healthy & Prosper.
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