Now here's a little quiz to see just how much you remember from our high school days. This is for fun only, so no wagering please. :-)

1) What was the name of the Mel-Hi bi-weekly newspaper?
The Dog
Paw Print
Mel-Hi Times
2) Who was the school principal our senior year?
Dr. B. Frank Brown
Mr. Robert S. Koontz
Mr. R. L. Gillespie

3) What was the name of the undergound publication that drew the wrath of school officials our senior year?
The Animal
Speak Out
Bulldog Free Press
4) The 1966 Mel-Hi football team won the state AA championship by defeating what school?
Fort Lauderdale

5) What was the title of our class song?
The Impossible Dream
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Send In The Clowns
6) Who was our senior class Vice President?
Larry Johnson
Louie Strum
Sherry Reinman

7) Who was the 1967 Homecoming Queen?
Chris Hammerlund
Betsy Dekalb
Debbie Ray
8) Who was the Mel-Hi band director?
Marion Scott
Barry S. Lindley
Don Albert

9) Who was President of the Student Council our senior year?
Weida Tucker
Larry Johnson
Betts O'Kelley
10) Who was voted most likely to succeed from our senior class?
Sandy Yocum & Louie Strum
Linda Trew & Bill Click
Larry Johnson & Weida Tucker

11) What was the name of the football coach who led the Bulldogs to the state championship in 1966?
Byrd Whigham
Charlie Shack
Billy Knowles
12) We all registered for classes, designated with a “Phase” number, based on difficulty. How many phases were there?

13) Where did registration take place?
Mel-Hi Gym
Mel-Hi Auditorium
Counselors' Offices
14) . The mother of which of our classmates was a Mel-Hi English teacher?
Martha Sharp
Peter Bixby
Linda Trew

15) Greg McFarlin, one of our class leaders, was also state-ranked in what sport?
16) 17) Students were quite surprised when a male dance teacher was hired. What was his name?
Mr. Habe
Mr. Western
Mr. Steele

17) Norman Mallory was affectionately called “Scooter” by his classmates. What was the nickname for Brian Norcross?
18) 19. Who was the starting quarterback of the Mel-Hi Bulldogs football team during our senior year?
Dwight Sliger
Bill Click
"Buster" Trew

19) Approximately how many graduates were in the class of 1968?